Partnering with Patron tequila, HCC launched London’s first customisable espresso martini menu in June 2018. The 'Made-to Measure' Espresso Martini Menu gives guests the choice of 24 different base ingredients that give the potential for over 1000 different flavour combinations. Firm favourites include using Mezcal to give a Mexican twist, and Morello Cherry which gives a surprisingly refreshing aftertaste.

Guests can now take the customisation one-step further with the The Made-to-Measure Espresso Martini Masterclass, where you'll learn how to make a few of your very own Espresso Martini Cocktails under the guidance of our talented head-bartender.

Held on the last Thursday of each month between 7-9pm, these events sell out quick so be sure to snap up your tickets here soon.

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