Through our partners our beans are sourced directly from farmers, providing 100% traceability from field to cup. This sourcing policy ensures that the prices farmers receive are far higher than the Fairtrade scheme. We're are committed to building lasting relationships with farmers, ensuring strong ethical standards and environmentally responsible practices.



Renewable energy

Our Hackney Road cafe & HQ runs on 100% renewable energy



We can trace all our raw ingredients back to source.



We recycle or compost 73% of the waste from our HQ & cafe, with plans to grow this further.

Impact Assessment

Each year we prepare a detailed report on our activities and how they affect our wider community and the environment. We look for ways to reduce our impact and set targets for all our staff to meet. Over the past few years we this has helped us to significantly reduce our overall levels of waste, increase our recycling rates and move all our energy to renewables. Zero waste and carbon neutral is an aspiration we continue to work towards.

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