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Everything you need to know about Cookies

At HackneyCoffee.Co we have always aimed to ensure that we act in a transparent, honest and clear way with regards to our users privacy. Recent legislation states that we need to make our users aware of cookies that we are using on HackneyCoffee.Co and this recent legislation is an extension of our on going policy so we are happy to share.

So what are cookies?

Cookies are used on millions of websites on a daily basis. They can't harm your computer. Moreover they are little text files that are automatically stored on your computer when you visit certain sites - including HackneyCoffee.Co.

There is a whole range of websites which tell you about cookies. Here's one of the more simple to understand:

At Hackney Coffee Co. we use cookies to keep track on what you have added to your basket and to remember this when you return to the site if you've not completed your purchase.

To order products on HackneyCoffee.Co you'll need to have cookies enabled. If you don't want cookies enabled then you can still browse the site but you won't be able to make a purchase.

The majority of web browsers have cookies enabled, but you can turn them off should you wish to.

No personal information - such as name, address or credit card - is stored on Hackney Coffee Co. through the use of cookies, but we do use encrypted information gathered from them to improve your browsing experience whilst using the site.

3rd Party Cookies on HackneyCoffee.Co

Hackney Coffee Co. do work with a number of carefully selected partners who may, at times set cookies during your visit to HackneyCoffee.Co. These cookies are listed here together with the reasons for using them.

Managing Cookies

Should you wish to remove cookies from your computer for HackneyCoffee.Co or for any other website then you can do in your browser settings.

Please note however, that if cookies aren't enabled on your computer then you will not be able to shop on HackneyCoffee.Co. You will be able to browse through the site but won't actually be able to make a purchase as our checkout is reliant on the use of cookies.
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