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Last night we teamed up with Vice UK and Old Blue Last Beer to host the launch of a new 3 part documentary by Steve Ludwin.  Steve is a passionate animal rights activist and in the documentary series, he explores how snakes are viewed and treated in different cultures.  Steve ‘the Snake Man’ has famously been injecting himself with venom for the past 30 years and believes it makes his immune system more resilient and keeps him looking younger.

In attendance on the evening, Steve (looking great!) took questions in a short Q&A before proceedings kicked off, and posed for fans after the screening... with snakes! Steve is passionate about educating people about snakes and tackling some of the misinformation and fear that surround them.  Handling them is part of that and, overseen by professional snake handlers, many guests were able to overcome their fear.

With free-flowing beer from Old Blue Last and some help from the team at Vice UK, the night was a smash with a chilled vibe and good tunes. But as always, you had to be there.  

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