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Best of Hackney

Best of Hackney
Best of Hackney
Best of Hackney
Best of Hackney
Best of Hackney
Best of Hackney
Best of Hackney
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☕  Cafe quality coffee for your home

✋  Hand packed at our London HQ
💨  Same day dispatch on orders placed < 1pm 
📦  Free delivery on all UK orders over £25

All of the best coffees from Hackney Coffee Company come together in this collection box for you to enjoy at home.  

What's in the box?


Our mainstay espresso coffee takes inspiration from the ancient forests that covered Hackney until just a few hundred years ago. The ‘King’s Land’, was a short ride from the walls of the City of London, with roaming pastures and forests where royalty and nobility came to hunt stag and wild boar, at a time when much of the land in Hackney was owned by the wealthy Knights Templar. A little bit of luxury in a cup. 
Tasting Notes
Forest notes of berry and walnut, with a creamy milk chocolate finish. Bold and sweet flavours that combine well with milk.

Columbia Road 

London’s famous flower market on Columbia Road lies just a stone’s throw from our coffee house. It’s rainbow of colours and smells from around the world, and its eclectic mix of East End characters, provide a constant source of inspiration and fun. The gentle floral notes that hide in this coffee are best teased out as a filter, but it’ll work well as an espresso too.

Tasting Notes
Delicate floral notes combine, with hints of citrus, berries and caramel

Sadler's Ascent

James Sadler was a true legend. A pastry chef with no formal education, Sadler became one of the most celebrated aeronauts of his time when, in 1811, he commanded a home-made hot-air balloon and took to the skies from the pleasure gardens in Hackney, then a rural paradise on the outskirts of the City. In time, Sadler became immortalised in paintings and literature as a Phileas Fogg type character. We imagine him here sailing the skies across the seven seas, on a whistle-stop of all the coffee growing nations.

Tasting Notes
A medium and creamy cup with flavours of chocolate, stone fruit and light berry notes.
How long will it last?

Number of cups
3 x 250g = approx 36 cups

How long will my coffee stay fresh?
All our coffees are prepared and packed to order in foil-lined bags with re-sealable zips to lock in the freshness longer. Once opened best consumed within 3-6 months for the best flavour.

Which grind size should I choose?

Whole Beans

If you grind your own then this is the one for you.


A fine grind is best is you are using an espresso machine at home.

Medium Fine

Best if you're using a Aeropress, stovetop or mokapot


Best for V60, Chemex or Drip Filter


Best for Cafetiere/french press, Clever Dripper or if you are making cold brew.

Check out our brewing guides for help on getting the best out of your coffee at home.

What is 'speciality' and 'artisan' roasted coffee?


'Speciality' generally means we work with the highest grade coffee - the top 2-3% of all the coffee in the world. Higher grades of coffee are usually grown by smaller, often family owned, farms. More care is put into the cultivation of the coffee fruits (and the seed - the coffee bean), which are grown for flavour rather than volume. 

This all results in a coffee bean that offers a fuller depth of flavour than the highly-industrialised processing that happens to much of the other coffee grown in the world.

'Artisan roasted'

This is a broad term but generally tends to mean that the beans were roasted in smaller batches by smaller operators. When working with speciality grade coffee, it's important to treat each batch in a unique way to ensure the roasting is perfect for those beans, to make the most of that extra flavour in the bean.

Why is it more expensive?

Due to the fact speciality grade coffee is some of the best grade coffee in the world, and the fact that more care is given to the way it is roasted, this means there's a much higher cost to produce coffee in this way.

The coffee you find in supermarkets will almost always be low grade coffee that is produced in a way that is focused on producing a low cost product. Most of the coffee you will find in the larger coffee chains will also use a 'commercial' grade coffee, which is why you'll almost always pay less for a flat white in a starbucks than an independent coffee house (which typically use artisan roasted speciality coffee).


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